Cream Wedding Shrug for Californian Bride

This wedding shrug is for Marissa from California. She is getting married in august so I had to work long hours to make sure this lovely bolero will be there for the big event. But I have managed to ship the parcel today, so I am really happy with the result.

I used mohair yarn in cream color to make her bridal bolero.
After many, many hours, my crochet bolero looked like this:
Not a wedding shrug yet, but close. After a few more hours I was happy to take a final picture to this bridal jacket and prepare it for a long journey to US. It should be there in a few days.
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British Crochet Beanie Hat for Australian Girl

I crocheted this navy blue beanie hat for Kim from Australia. I started with a crochet hook and a big ball of yarn, as usual.
After a few minutes I have a little flower.
After a while it starts to look like a chunky hat.
I made a crochet flower to give a plus of charm to this beanie hat.
And this is how it looks on my mannequin.

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British handmade wedding shrug for an american bride

This is a crochet wedding shrug for Krista, an american bride to be. As usually, I have started with a very good quality mohair yarn and a crochet hook.

After a few hours,

After 3 days,
Almost finished,
And this is my latest creation. I hope Krista will be very happy with her handmade wedding shrug.
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The story of a crochet bridal shrug

I know it doesn't seem so but this is the beginning of a lovely bridal shrug. :)

After a half an hour :)
And after a few hours :)
Almost finished
Definitely finished
Some modelling with the same bridal shrug in a white color.

Ready to go and to make a bride happy.
A little story in images from a a long thread to a beautiful hand crochet bridal shrug for a happy bride to be. If you want to see more of my wedding designs please visit my Etsy Shop.


Black Shrug, Wedding Bolero, Lace Jacket, Black Cover up, Bridesmaid Bolero Jacket, Evening Shrug

Black Shrug, designed by me, for a wedding, romantic evening, party or prom, anytime you need an elegant black cover up. 
Unique, delicate, light, feminine and beautiful – all of these describe perfectly this wedding bolero.

It's a beautiful lace jacket, it will cover your shoulders and it will keep your evening dress to be seen. This bridesmaid bolero jacket up can be an excellent accessory to a wedding dress and it also can be used separately from the dress after the big day. 

This evening shrug is entirely designed and hand crocheted by me.

If you are allergic to mohair, some of my shrugs and boleros are made from 100% cotton. You can see the same pattern in navy blue and cream in my Etsy Shop


Ivory Bridal Bolero, Lace Wedding Shrug, Crochet Bolero, Wedding Jacket, Ivory Shrug, Bridal Cover Up

This ivory bridal bolero will cover the shoulders without hiding the wedding gown, giving you an unique appearance.  I crochet this lace wedding shrug with high quality mohair yarn. This crochet bolero is my own design and hand work.
If you want an elegant wedding jacket you can take a look at my shrugs and boleros from my Etsy Shop and choose a handmade bridal cover up.


Crochet Bolero, Black Jacket, Bridesmaid Cover Up, Lace Wedding Shrug

Crochet Bolero with high quality mercerized cotton yarn
Elegant and delicate, this black jacket covers the shoulders and gives your summer dress a unique look. You can wear this lace shrug at a wedding, a party, prom or a romantic evening. Every time you will feel elegant and comfortable.

If you want more details about this lace wedding shrug please visit My Etsy Shop
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